Review: Turn One Time #12,000 ($25) Into #1,015,200.00($2115 Dollars)

Have you heard about and you are doubting if alwayspays is a scam or not? Well, it’s a relatively new website and the idea is damn unique and simple and can interestingly make you a Millionaire within few weeks. Trust me.

Income opportunities like this are usually great and superb and can make you a Millionaire with little efforts in few weeks. Do not doubt my optimism. The major reason why most individuals struggle is due to their inability to start fast just like you are about to start now.

Another reason is the inability of you to refer or build a team that will accelerate your own progress. Alwayspays is relatively new. It’s not even yet up to a month old as at today February 5th, 2017. So, count yourself lucky that you are seeing this on time and can jump in and with little effort, earn your first Million online within the next few weeks.

It may interests you to know that all you need to start with is just N12,000 only and with this, you may earn up to N108,000 within the next 3days or 25days. If you refer 3 other people to alwayspays via your referral link and they all registered, you will hit N108,000 within 72hours. 9 people will be auto-matched with you to pay you N12,000 each. If you are the lazy type and fail to refer 3 people, you will still get matched with 9 people to pay you N12,000 each (total N108,000) but you it will take you 25days to achieve this. The system auto-match people to pay you but not as fast as those who referred 3 people. Yours will be from spillovers. But, you will also get people to pay you.

That’s for level 1. Total money you will receive will be N108,000.

After you have received that in level 1, you will be compelled to upgrade to level 2 by paying N33,600. Once you do this, the matching system will match 27people with you to pay you N33,600 each. This will sum up to N907,000.
N108,000 plus N907,000 is what give N1,015,000 total earning.

Just 2 levels with a total income of #1,015,200 million naira

It’s not compulsory that you refer before you will get people who will be matched with you to pay you. As indicated on the website, you still get matched and receive payments when you never refer because of the Auto-referral robot. But, personally, i advice you try and get 3 people to refer via your link because you will achieve the goal of over N1million faster and easily within weeks.

Auto referral 📡 Robots:
An Embedded 🔗Matching System (Automatic)

How it works
👉1) Register and upgrade your account with #12,000 to the member u are matched with..

👉2) Invite three of your friends(not necessary) with your link to recieve #108,000(900%) within ⏱72 hours, without referral within ⏱ 25days(900%)

👉3) Nine(9) members will be match to pay you within 72 hours total income of #108,000

👉4) Upgrade to level two(2) with #33,600

👉5) The matching system will now match 27 members to pay you #33,600 each total
income of #907,000

👀You can see with just level two(2) you are done…..

🤗Total earning : #1,015,200 Million Naira

If you fail to upgrade in level two(2) the #907,000 will jump over to those
that upgraded, the matching system will do this.

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Those who do not register ⏱early will have to fall..
under those that register early as their three invitees

UPDATE: Mobile Users, Ensure you use either GOOGLE CHROME, UCWEB Or PUFFIN Browsers to access the registeration link below.

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Firstly, follow this link to register: => <===



As you can see in the image above, once you follow the link i gave above you will land on a registration page like the one above. Fill in the required details.
USERNAME: It’s important because you will need it to login. It can be your name written together, a nickname or whatever.

Filling in all the necessary details and click on register. The success page will come up like this…


Just click on OK
to continue.

The page below will come up. Just click on LOGIN as shown with my arrow.


A fresh page will come up like this…

Input your USERNAME and PASSWORD and login.


Just click on OK
to continue.


Take a look at this, you need to INPUT your bank account details to receive your paymentsupdate_record

follow my RED arrow, click on PROFILE and the next page you will see where to input your bank details and save.


Follow my arrow below. Click on upgrade to make payment to the person that will be given to you so that you can activate your account and be on level1.


See my RED box above and my pointed arrows. That’s the bank details of the person you are going to pay to. The person’s phone number is also there. It’s advisable you give the person a call or drop a text message for the person immediately you make the payment so that he or she can approve you fast. He needs to confirm payment and approve you from his end to make you active. Make your payment fast.

After making payment, call the person and also submit proof of payment

Payment confirm
Once you have been confirmed and you login,
you will see the dashboard like the one below…


You will be able to see your referral link on your dashboard. That’s the exact link you will give to your prospects to register with. There are 2 links there. The first one lands on the main website where your prospects can read about the who opportunity and then click on register if he is convinced or you use the second link that takes them to the registration page straight if you already explained how it works.

The illustrations above are simple enough i guess.

When you start receiving payments, you will see the PAYMENT by the left hand side of the sidebar below PROFILE. tHAT’S WHERE TO CLICK TO GO ACTIVATE THOSE WHO PAY you.

Do not dull yourself. It’s the right time to join so that you can hit your million naira from here. Every other person that comes after us will spillover behind us and will accelerate you to hit the target very fast. If you delay for just few hours, several thousand of people would have join before you. I got this information just yesterday and in less than 5 hours i registered immediately. (I even registered 2 account. One for myself and one for my boo).

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The returns have started coming already.

UPDATE: Mobile Users, Ensure you use either GOOGLE CHROME, UCWEB Or PUFFIN Browsers to access the registeration link below.

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UPDATE: Mobile Users, Ensure you use either GOOGLE CHROME, UCWEB Or PUFFIN Browsers to access the registeration link below.

Don’t Use Operamini… Thanks!

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All the best.

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