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Have you heard about and you are doubting if globaclock is a scam or not? Well, it’s a relatively new website and the idea is damn unique and simple and can interestingly make you a Millionaire within few weeks. Trust me.

Income opportunities like this are usually great and superb and can make you a Millionaire with little efforts in few weeks. Do not doubt my optimism. The major reason why most individuals struggle is due to their inability to start fast just like you are about to start now.

Another reason is the inability of you to refer or build a team that will accelerate your own progress. is relatively new. It’s not even yet up to a month old as at today February 17th, 2017. So, count yourself lucky that you are seeing this on time and can jump in and with little effort, earn your first money online within the next few weeks.

No Referrals Needed to start earning from globaclock.

Auto referral 📡 Robots:
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How it works?

This one is New and Hot.*

Donate N10,000 Get Paid N40,000

Donate N20,000 Get Paid N80,000

Donate N50,000 Get Paid N200,000

Donate N100,000 Get Paid N400,000 (*New)

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*You are matched the moment you PH, And within 96 hours you are matched to receive help.*

It means that within 4 – 21days you can be paid over and over and over and over.

*It’s 300 % of whatever you Donate that you get and offer Ends on
3rd of match 2017*

after 3rd of match 2017, it returns back to 100%.

This is no joke, it is really working.

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*NO Need To Refer*💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

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QUICK UPDATE: Get 300% from 6:00pm today 24th February 2017 for all packages ending 3rd march 2017. Don’t Miss this offer!

globaclock proofRegister Here ==> :

All the best.

Whatsapp/Telegram Me: +2348168919563

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    • Emmanuel Ajesin

      The site is under upgrade!

      the traffic to the website overwhelmed the platform.

      it is being worked on. although the page can stillbe accessed
      Use Firefox and be patient when it is loading. Cheers!

  1. Bukola oladeji

    My issue is DAT a donor said she paid me 20k around 8am yesterday,but I didn’t get the alert yesterday, when I opened the page at midnight I saw her upload ,I text to tell her and she replied that the problem was from her bank,so I deleted her.but I got her alert this morning and she called that she just did the transfer.couldn’t open page and don’t know how to confirm her.she has been on my neck

    • Emmanuel Ajesin

      you should have been patient. The page is accessible now.

      Write to support to enable confirm her from their end.

      if you can’t do it due to you deleting without waiting.

  2. Ezeoka prosper

    They said some will be match in 5hours and I registered since 17th and up till now I have not been match.Why!

  3. Victor-Ikhuemein Grace o

    Hi, I can’t access my account. They said that I should contact the administrator I don’t know how to do that. Pls help.

  4. henryhife

    i donated yesterday and was confirmed. now trying to login to show my friends it is telling me invalid login details. what should i do please?

  5. Rachael

    Hello… I registered yesterday and I paid someone… I can’t login again… I’m trying to login is showing invalid login details… I clicked on forget password I got a respouse that my email is not found on their system

    • Emmanuel Ajesin

      Hold on… the database is being moved to the new server.

      you’re one of those experience the hookup. it’s been resolved.

      evrything will be okay by the end of today. Cheers!

      • Rachael

        I am still wondering why I have not been matched… I payed 100k and we where told that 100k will be matching every hour… since on Sunday I have not been paid…. my disappeared details is bck
        .. please can you tell me what is going…

  6. Stellamaris

    Ve paid since yesterday still I ve not be match, but my friend Dat we did same time as been matched. Why mine is still showing yet to be match. So what is the problem with mine???

  7. May

    Good evening, I registered this afternoon but up till now I have not been able to login to view my dashboard and know which package to do or if they have pair me to pay someone. Please what do I do?

  8. Justin arisi

    I paid since on the 17th. The person I paid to has received it but she’s saying weneva she tries to confirm me; it keeps saying contact support of wch she has written to support several times but no response from them. Same on my own part too I have written to support but no response. So what do I do next cos I ‘ve done all sort of refresh and all but it keeps saying same

  9. Johnson -Jome Emuobo

    I registered since on Sunday yet nobody d only person dat was sent she has paid but yet no alert but dis bonanza ll end 2day so wat ll happen ?

  10. Johnson -Jome Emuobo

    If u guys can match us quick we ll join very fast in d promo or is d promo 4 both old & new member

  11. Feelings Owhotake

    good pm is globa clock still paying. cos I am worried. is it still functional and what’s the group WhatsApp link to join to get updates about it. and how sure r u DAT it is paying

  12. mee

    Mmmm…. y is matching to pay very fast and for one to b paid is taking long. I have donated twice and have not bin Matched. Is not encouraging nah

  13. Henry

    pls i will suggest that Globaclock should create a whatapp group and telegram to help propagate testimonies and urge other people to join as this will make the group more vibrant. there can also register with investment hub on telegram.
    I tried introducing it there, i was knock off.

  14. Austin

    Transaction ID CM616955366668474 refers. I was paired on Saturday 25th Feb and made payment that same day, I called the recipient and he confirmed he has received the money but up till now he doesn’t want to confirm payment. He keeps telling me I should not worry that he will login to confirm. His dubious attitude will be discouraging participants from the community. His name is Collins 08064068361. Please disable him from the community.

  15. Feelings Owhotake

    Its march 2nd now. I saw on my cash out dat I will receive payment by march 9th. is DAT true. does DAT means by march 9th I will be matched bcos its stated 4 to 21 days and March 9 will make it 21 days o.

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