Google Juice – How To Get Top Ten Ranking Within 24 hours

It’s been a while, I have been experimenting on some little tricks that have helped me rank high on google top ten within 24 hours. works like magic, pretty simple and easy to do.

Lets’ get down to it.

Write down keywords you want to rank on. Honestly, I hardly do keyword research but I still rank on most keywords. (am too lazy) LOL!

Position your keywords in the title
and also in the description, come up
with something sweet and catchy.

You know what your market wants so snuff it in.

Repeat the keywords one to three times in your landing page, articles, salesletter etc.

We’re set to get our site ranking and
bringing in the google juice (traffic).

The fastest way I get my site ranked in google top ten is via socialnetworks – I use mainly facebook for this purpose! google loves this site and crawls it almost everything and I leverage on that to get my website ranking in the top ten bringing in the google juice.

Share your website link on your profile, fan pages, groups


and I also use viral marketing tactics as well to get people posting my website links on their time-lines to get my site quickly index.

you can also use the service: to bribe your list member, Get them to share your website link on either facebook or twitter.

Check your stat after 24 hours! you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to get ranked in google top ten.

Give it a shot!

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